Paragliding Courses in the Lake District

Elementary Pilot course

The first of the two courses required to become a qualified pilot to fly unsupervised.  An in-depth course designed to teach budding new pilots the very basics of paragliding.  The first day is very similar to the Taster day but then training continues to a level where the pilot will be competent at handling the glider and can achieve controlled fly-downs, landing in a designated area.  The course takes approximately 4 days and includes theory lectures on the basics of meteorology, air law, site assessment and rules of the air.  Theory is fitted in around the flying, during lunchbreaks, in the evenings or during the day if it is not flyable.

Price: £130 per day (£520 - 4 days max charge)

Own kit: £100 per day (£400 - 4 days max charge)

Club Pilot course

Having completed the basic training of the Elementary Pilot course, pilots must then continue with the Club Pilot course which will prepare you for unsupervised flight.  The essence of this final course is to teach new pilots the skills of soaring using the different forms of lift to prolong flights.  Again, theory is a major aspect of the course and will be far more in-depth.  The course takes approximately 6 days to complete.

Price: £130 per day (£780, 6 days max charge)

Own Kit: £100 per day (£600 - 6 days max charge)

Please note that BHPA insurance is necessary for EP Pilots and above and costs £140 per year.

Advanced and special courses

Each year we endeavour to run a number of specialised courses both in the Lakes and further afield such as the French Alps or even the Orkney Isles! These will be of interest to pilots wishing to improve both their skills and knowledge and will often be focused around thermal and cross country flying. Guest pilots of the highest reputation are often on hand with local or specialist knowledge. The improvement an intermediate pilot can experience from this expertise will be invaluable. The opportunity to make new flying contacts and friends also makes these events highly worthwhile.

For further details of any 'specials' or check out the NEWS page or ring on 07830 281986.